Corporate Profile

TRN is a specialist software solutions provider for global enterprises. Founded in 2004, TRN in its near decade journey has helped organizations deliver on their various business objectives using our technology; be it enhanced customer reach, improved scale & profitability or implementing changing compliance needs.

TRN provides software development, testing and third-party product implementation & support services for verticals including Financial, Healthcare, Energy, Manufacturing and Retail. Our services are delivered with the know-how of business domain, technology expertise and process efficiency,

nurtured with the knowledge focus in financial services for close to two decades. TRN has enriched Quality processes & systems in areas of software development & deployment with our outcome based approach to managing projects which has led to most of our esteemed customers retaining TRN over a decade as a vendor of choice for many blue-chip banks and global services brands.

TRN Systems, Inc has deep domain knowledge and proven expertise in verticals like asset and wealth management, mortgages, reference data, securities financing, prime brokerage, derivatives and compliance and risk. Range of services span the complete value chain, from high-end solutions to application and product development to operations management.

TRN Systems puts solid experience across a wide range of industry domains to work for your organization. We possess the technological competence and global, full-service delivery excellence that can sharpen your competitive edge. TRN Systems demonstrates a keen understanding of the business challenges facing our clients, and skillfully leverages technology as an enabler to address those tough challenges. Our deep domain expertise assures flexibility in tailoring powerful solutions. When our clients demand excellence, TRN Systems delivers across the key industries:


TRN Systems’ global expertise across capital markets is extensive. Our team are gifted in designing, implementing and maintaining front-, middle- and back-office solutions that are flexible and scalable.

We tailor our solutions to match your needs, with secure components and stable yet highly-configurable prototypes that benefit from our deep business knowledge in this domain.

We operate a center of excellence, dedicated exclusively to the Securities sector, adhering to stringent financial rules and process standards, so you can count on TRN Systems’ unmatched capability to deliver results – from planning and strategy all the way to implementation and support.

  • Marketplaces
  • Credit Derivatives
  • Fixed Income
  • Mortgages
  • Securities Financing


Because of our wide exposure to diverse domains and enterprise environments in the service-related industries, we have amassed deep maturity and strong competencies for leveraging information assets that drive sales growth across all channels, improve margins, maximize supply chain efficiency, and increase customer loyalty.

TRN Systems understands your business and teams with you to bring the right solution at just the right time.

TRN is headquartered in Mt. Laurel, New Jersey with principle offices in Virginia, New York and India.


TRN Systems is a technology company that partners with clients to achieve dramatic performance improvement through enhanced customer insight and management. Our focus is on businesses where the effective application of customer insight distinguishes market leaders, and where more effective management of customer relationships creates success.


  • Use customer insight to drive loyalty, growth, and profitability
  • Create value through better management of the people, products, and processes that touch customers
  • Create organizations that can better understand and act the needs of their customers
  • Create real and lasting change for their businesses

We bring this expertise to clients across industries including Pharmaceuticals and Banking & Financial Services, Healthcare, Media and Entertainment, Retail and Consumer Goods, and Hi-Tech and Commercial Products & Services.